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March 26, 2015

Web Application & E-commerce Consulting

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Content Management
We help clients achieve their goals by creating and integrating practical yet innovative tools that deliver core e-business functionality.

Today's software is accessed over the Web. Our broad experience and focused partnerships uniquely position us to deliver complete, professional web application and e-commerce solutions.

Examples of our work include employment portals, warehouse management applications, human resources applications, online communities, dynamic web sites, database applications, and e-commerce storefronts.

What is E-Business?
Rapid advances in productivity, communications, and collaboration technologies have created new pressures for businesses to evolve and adapt. Day to day tasks have become increasingly reliant on technology. And information flow has multiplied countless times in volume and speed. These new ways of working are all part of what we know as "e-business".

Understanding and leveraging e-business tools has become fundamental to your organization's viability. The questions we like to ask are: 1) Is your organization taking advantage of the cost savings potentials, and 2) are you keeping up with the demands of your clients and the services of your competitors?

If you answer no to either of the above questions or believe that your organization needs to get a bit more out of e-business technology, we can help.

What We Do
Our services focus on delivering practical technology solutions that provide significant improvements in your business processes. We've helped clients of all shapes and sizes to streamline their operations, leverage new tools, communicate better, and reduce operational overhead.

By partnering with industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Macromedia we maintain expert knowledge of how their products can save you money and create competitive advantages.

Whether you have a specific project or a more general concern, we have the tools and the experience to advise on new directions and implement new solutions.

Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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