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March 28, 2015
  Content Management Solutions

Content Management (CMS) Consulting

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Selecting and implementing a Content Management System (CMS) can be a challenging process. CMS projects cross departments and often impact a quite a few peoples' day-to-day responsibilities.

Achieve a Focus

CMS procurement efforts tend to be a little overwhelming in the beginning. There are a large number of products in the market, a large set of features to compare and consider, and a broad variety of system architectures.

Our product selection (pre-implementation) services are designed to simplify the field of choices by helping to refine your selection criteria and by advising on important considerations.

Needs Identification

Understanding why you want to invest in a CMS solution and defining the first level goals for your project paves the way to success. Sometimes this means removing bottlenecks. Sometimes this means critical process or repository integration. Or sometime this means by-passing politicized or unduely complex obstacles.

Each organization's needs and solutions are often unique. We have our perspectives on the business value of CMS and have documented a few of them in the article entitled Web Content Management ROI.

In brief, Content Management Systems should:
  • Remove publishing bottlenecks
  • Automate workflow & content lifecycles
  • Enforce design & metadata standards
  • Centralize information & media assets
  • Reduce content managers' dependency on the IT department

Software Selection

We implement practical, well-known web content management products. Currently we specialize in Sitecore (read about our Sitecore consulting services), SharePoint (MOSS), Ektron, Drupal and eZ Publish.

We look at your 2-5 year horizon and recommend solutions that support smooth growth and intelligent integration.

Our team provides both business analysis and technical implementation services for content management projects. We prioritize process, communication, and teamwork. We feel that after nearly 10 years in this business, we are uniquely able to blend our business skills with our technical capabilities -- thus delivering a superior result for our clients.

Our services include: needs analysis, procurement advising, proof of concept, information architecture, software customization, solution implementation, and training for authors and administrators.

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