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March 27, 2015
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Enterprise Blogging

Business blogging has come of age. Organizations are now beginning to understand that blogs as both a concept and a technology can extend far beyond a simple online diary.

We Understand

Our staff have helped pioneer some of the most effective and popular business blogs on the Internet today. Cylogy have architected and scaled enterprise blogs such as www.gizmodo.com — a Gawker Media publication — and currently publish the blog-based web magazine www.cmswire.com.

Do You Blog?

Sites such as Gizmodo capitalize on professional, rapid publishing. This concept can be applied in many ways. When applied appropriately it has the ability to enhance knowledge management, redefine customer relationships, and put a new face on your organization.

Is Your Content Stale?

Traditional publishing processes can be stifling and often result in stale, uninspiring content. They are not appropriate for all forms of content. And their cumbersome nature results in the loss of both valuable organizational knowledge and in-the-moment communication opportunities.

Our Solution
Our blog consulting services match your communication needs with a technology solution and publishing model that will scale and integrated seamlessly.

We work directly with your stakeholders to achieve an efficient convergence of publishing requirements with your existing knowledge management and communications infrastructure.

Our background with traditional web content management, enterprise data systems, and web application software uniquely positions us as advisors and implementors of enterprise blogging solutions.

Contact us today to find out how we can put blogs to work for your business.

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