Sitecore Headless

Headless development paired with Sitecore, leverages Sitecore’s robust features alongside the agility and speed of headless, enabling you to fully harness the potential of your digital experiences.

What is Sitecore Headless?

Sitecore Headless architecture represents a decoupled model where the content management capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform are distinct from the front-end presentation layer. This architectural paradigm empowers developers to utilize Sitecore as a headless CMS, disseminating content through APIs to various front-end application technologies or platforms. By separating the backend and frontend, Sitecore Headless facilitates enhanced flexibility, agility, and a smoother learning curve for developers, enabling the creation of dynamic digital experiences across multiple channels such as web, mobile, applications, and IoT devices.

Renowned as an industry-leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) by Gartner, the Sitecore Experience Platform encompasses a rich array of functionalities, tools, and application suites. These include robust marketing and personalization features, enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM), eCommerce capabilities, and extensive customization options at every layer of the platform. Sitecore seamlessly integrates its powerful monolithic CMS heritage with the flexibility and performance advantages inherent in a headless architecture, exemplifying its engineering prowess and commitment to innovation through meticulous headless integration and API development.

While Sitecore’s approach to headless CMS differs from platforms built from the ground up for headless operation, such as (but not limited to), Contentstack, and Contentful, it presents distinct advantages. While these platforms offer strong, straightforward core headless functionality paired with sleek and simple user experience, they often rely on external modules and third-party integrations to match the feature scope provided natively by Sitecore. Sitecore Headless, therefore, offers customers a compelling synthesis: the robustness and feature-richness of a monolithic CMS platform combined with the adaptability and extensibility of a headless architecture.

Our Sitecore Headless Services

  • Strategic Roadmap Planning: Work with our experts and build a comprehensive headless plan that includes the options and steps that are right for your Sitecore Headless journey.
  • Sitecore Product Consulting: Our team will work with you on the best Sitecore Experience Platform product architecture to support your Sitecore Headless needs.
  • API Development & Content Modeling: A critical step in the move to headless development is building robust, flexible back-end APIs and pairing that with strong content modeling decisions and structure within Sitecore.
  • Front-end Selection & Implementation: You’ve got a wide range of options for your headless front-end. Work with our headless experts to select the front-end and 3rd-party tools that are right for you and implement the front-end using industry best-practices
  • Sitecore Headless Migration: If you have an existing project that is not headless, we can perform a migration to headless, ensuring your end users see no interruption.
  • Hosting, DevOps & Maintenance: Cylogy is with you at every stage of the Sitecore headless journey, including hosting your project and providing cost-effective ongoing support.
  • Building Headless for the Future: We’ll help optimize your product options, code and features for a Sitecore Headless future, giving you a solid, extensible headless-focused project.

Take a look at the sections below for more details on our service offerings.

Strategic Roadmap Planning

Headless development is characterized by its emphasis on flexibility, extensibility, and a plethora of options. Our expert team excels in crafting strategic roadmaps tailored to these principles, selecting optimal tools and anticipating future growth.

Through collaborative engagement with stakeholders, we meticulously assess business requirements to devise comprehensive roadmaps. These roadmaps delineate the essential tools, technologies, methodologies, and timelines, ensuring the timely delivery of projects equipped with functionalities to meet immediate and future needs.

Sitecore Product Consulting

The Sitecore Experience Platform stands out for its remarkable versatility, providing many avenues to accomplish your objectives, a characteristic that seamlessly extends to headless development. Within the realm of headless development, a plethora of choices abound, spanning across back-end API selections, development methodologies, and infrastructure configurations, all of which significantly impact the project’s intricacy, scope, and financial investment.

From selecting the most suitable APIs to devising effective development strategies and optimizing infrastructure, the decisions made profoundly shape the trajectory of a project. Our team of seasoned Sitecore specialists and certified developers possess the expertise and insight necessary to navigate these complexities. By collaborating with us, you’ll gain access to tailored solutions that harness the full potential of the Sitecore DXP platform, precisely aligning its features and capabilities with the unique requirements of your project.

API Development & Content Modeling

In the realm of development for headless CMS platforms, APIs and content modeling serve as pivotal backend components, profoundly shaping the project’s trajectory and end-user experience. While often unseen by users, these elements impact content editors, administrators, back-end, and front-end developers alike.

Refining your content model and content types to align with present and future needs of your headless project is essential, streamlining content creation and management for editors. Moreover, optimized content modeling facilitates more efficient API functionality, leading to heightened project performance.

Strategic API development is equally crucial, influencing project quality, optimizing your headless approach and accelerating development timelines for both back-end and front-end. Thoughtful API design choices enables developers, results in improved performance and streamlines future modifications, ensuring the project’s adaptability and scalability over time. Work with our Sitecore development experts and design the API architecture that’s right for your project.

Headless Front-end Selection & Implementation

When selecting the appropriate front-end technology for a headless CMS, it’s crucial to consider factors like flexibility, scalability, developer expertise. While React, Vue.js, and Angular are popular choices, there’s a range of options available. Additionally, the selection of third-party tools and applications significantly impacts project complexity and feature set. Our team of headless experts collaborates with you to choose the best front-end framework and third-party tools tailored to your project and business needs, implemented in a flexible, composable method ensuring streamlined implementation.

Once the technology and tools are chosen, implementing the front-end involves creating components that fetch and display content from the headless CMS via APIs. Developers prioritize accessibility features, ensuring all users can navigate and interact with the interface effectively. Moreover, they optimize the front-end for SEO, enhancing visibility and search engine rankings, and analytics collection optimization and analysis. Techniques like proper semantic HTML, structured data, and performance optimization are integrated into the development process seamlessly. By utilizing frameworks and libraries for application state management, navigation, and seamless integration of third-party functionality, developers ensure a robust and user-friendly front-end experience.

Sitecore Headless Migration

Transitioning from a monolithic traditional CMS to a headless architecture involves several key aspects:

  • Content migration within the DXP, especially if there are major adjustments to be made to the content model
  • Infrastructure transformation, as headless projects often require a fundamentally different infrastructure setup compared to monolithic traditional CMS platforms
  • Integration of third-party tools and features that the Sitecore headless project necessitates
  • Educating all team members on the changes relevant to their specific roles

Our team will develop a comprehensive migration strategy that, upon your approval, will be executed to transition your traditional CMS project to Sitecore Headless with little to no interruption for the end users.

Web Hosting, DevOps & Maintenance

At Cylogy, we value building lasting partnerships with our clients. Our commitment extends beyond just finishing the initial project; we’re dedicated to ongoing collaboration. We aim to design and sustain a Sitecore headless hosting infrastructure for your project that is not only scalable and high-performing but also aligns with your budgetary constraints, offering significant benefits at every level.

In addition to hosting services optimized for a headless architecture, we offer the creation of bespoke maintenance plans. These plans are crafted to provide you with the technical and developer support you need, ensuring your Sitecore headless project continues to thrive and evolve according to your requirements.

Furthermore, our DevOps team plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability and efficiency of your headless CMS. They implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to automate the deployment process, ensuring rapid and consistent updates while minimizing downtime. Additionally, they monitor system performance, conduct regular security audits, and implement best practices to safeguard your infrastructure against potential threats. With our comprehensive DevOps solutions, you can rest assured that your Sitecore headless project is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on achieving your business objectives.

Building Headless for the Future

When building your headless CMS there are things to consider. Moving your Sitecore instance Sitecore XM Cloud will be one of them. At Cylogy, we understand what Sitecore XM Cloud is. We also know it is a hefty jump to get there.

Whether it involves modifying your Sitecore instance product choices to support Sitecore headless, restructuring code for improved 3rd-party integration support to build your headless architecture, or actually migrating project components to SaaS vendors, we stand ready to assist. Our expertise ensures that the initial endeavors align seamlessly with the broader goal of transitioning to a contemporary Cloud Architecture.

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