Umbraco – Open-Source CMS

Umbraco is an extremely popular and flexible open-source content management system that allows us to quickly deliver custom digital experiences on a platform that will grow with you.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a flexible, cost-effective open-source CMS that is simple to deploy and can grow effectively with your business.

Umbraco is a fast-growing CMS, powering over 730,000 websites worldwide. It is known as “The Friendly CMS” for its user-friendly features like flexible content management strategy, intuitive editing experience, cloud hosting, extensions, extreme responsiveness, and cross-platform.

Umbraco CMS offers a flexible environment with tremendous functionalities that are easy to learn. It gives the solid platform to work for developers, designers and editors.

Umbraco is a great choice for those looking for a powerful, configurable platform at a reasonable price.

Why Umbraco is a Great Mid-Market Solution

Umbraco has an extensive track record with development beginning in 2000 and, being based on the .NET framework, has a large potential and actual developmer community with 200,000 registered developers.

Umbraco provides product versions tailored to major client use cases:

  • Umbraco CMS – For clients who would like to manage the entire Umbraco infrastructure
  • Umbraco Cloud – Umbraco CMS installed, configured, and ready for development in the Microsoft Azure cloud with automated updates and the ability to manage multiple environments
  • Umbraco Heartcore – Like Umbraco Cloud, but optimized for Headless Development, includes managed REST API, GraphQL, CDN, etc.

A great future-proofed feature set combined with very attractive pricing make Umbraco a hard platform to beat for customers with a growing online operation.

We Are Uniquely Suited to Deliver Umbraco Solutions

We are proud to note that Cylogy is an Umbraco Gold Partner, the first Gold Partner in the state of California. That close relationship along with our team’s expertise with Umbraco make Cylogy a uniquely well-suited choice to deliver your Umbraco project, whether it’s a new or existing implementation.

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