Delivering location relevant content to banking customers

Project Description

Rabobank wanted their visitors to have a seamless customer experience. As a community bank it was important that customers felt that the website was tailored to their location. Personalization was achieved through dynamic content displays based on zip code.

Cylogy used MaxMind GeoIP2 Intelligence to determine a visitor’s zip code based on their ip address. Call to action modules across the site were designed and configured to display dynamic content based on the business segment the customer was visiting (Personal, Business, Commercial, Agriculture), and their zip code.

Customers were provided with all the resources they needed without needing to search around the site. A single call to action module could include the closest branch address, map, application links, and contact information. Customers interested in mortgage loans were shown the name of their local representative. Clicking on their representative’s name displayed a pop up contact form that sent directly to the local representative.

Rabobank was committed to delivering modern digital tools for customer convenience, but also maintaining a local connection with their customers. Large landscape photographs of all the branch regions were used to customized the homepage. The localized imagery was based on zip code and gave a personal touch to the experience.

Interesting Facts

  • Visitors have the option to change their zip code
  • Call to action menus can be crafted per business segment

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About Rabobank

Rabobank, N.A. is a nationally chartered bank with nearly 120 branches in California serving small business, commercial and individual customers. Rabobank, N.A. is part of the Rabobank Group, a global financial services leader providing institutional and retail banking solutions in key markets around the world.

Rabobank, N.A. merged with Mechanics Bank in 2019.

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