Sitecore Training for Your Entire Team

Set your teams up for success. Our complete Sitecore training is just as customizable as Sitecore itself, allowing our team to create highly engaging, targeted training programs based on a variety of skill levels, departments and primary Sitecore operations.

After your training, your team will take away an extensive library of resources for quick reference and future on-boarding.

When is Sitecore Training Beneficial?

New Sitecore Implementations, Upgrades & Cloud Migration

New Sitecore Implementations

Users may require basic set-up assistance to gain familiarity with signing into Sitecore, navigating menus and saving or publishing their work, and we are here to ensure that happens efficiently. If a dedicated toolbar for your team hasn’t already been set up, this training will also give you time to design a toolbar that includes the most commonly used commands. Cylogy can customize the workspace and integrate it into your company-specific training material.


Sitecore upgrades can be painful and it may not be clear to the user what changes an upgrade may entail, yet upgrades bring advantageous new features, resources, improvements and bug fixes and it is important to stay current. We provide editors with an overview of the upgrade process, an advisory on new features and a tutorial so that your team can be prepared and be able to quickly adapt to any process changes that may impact them after the upgrade is completed.

Cloud Migration

Sitecore has fully embraced the move to cloud-native as the core of the ecosystem. In many cases that means users may need assistance to become proficient with new tools and systems. Our trainers can help flatten the learning curve and give users the tools they need to quickly become comfortable with new tools and processes.

New Processes and Employees

New Processes

Process innovation is crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends. With our targeted Sitecore training tools, your team can stay productive by outlining new or updated business processes and workflow steps designed for existing users.


Our training process will help you create a consistent training procedure with a structured outline for new employees and existing team members. Cylogy creates helpful tip sheets for common new user questions as well as checklists for employee trainers.

Who Should Receive Sitecore Training?

Super Users and Marketing Employees

Effectively trained super users and marketing staff can be the secret ingredient that takes your Sitecore investment to the next level.

Super Users

Dedicated super users who are trained on how to build and edit website pages at every level are crucial. Cylogy trains your team’s super users from start to finish to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge to build their own skills and effectiveness with the system and to properly train other team members on current and future processes, allowing them to multiply the benefit of the training as they spread knowledge to a wider group.

Marketing Employees

Our training will also provide a thorough understanding of how to create pages, manage site structure, add personalization, embed page information and facilitate captivating marketing campaigns for your in-house marketing team.

Developers and Admins


In-house developers, whether a Sitecore developer or developers that interact with Sitecore, should receive comprehensive training both to stay up to date with continual enhancements and system upgrade and prepare for Sitecore certification.

This Sitecore course offers a Sitecore training program that will assist developers in attaining Sitecore certification by preparing them for the Sitecore certification exam, which is useful for professional development and is a prerequisite for other more advanced Sitecore training, without the need to attend the official Sitecore certification course.

In short, this course helps your development staff be more effective and agile with their Sitecore development work while also giving them the foundation to pursue more advanced Sitecore topics.


To implement processes and offer consistent training for all employees, we also provide training for your internal administration team – those who will be responsible for onboarding new employees. These individuals will develop a deep understanding of Sitecore’s advanced settings and control permissions and control the approval workflow, allowing them to more deftly manage the Sitecore platform and be better able to pinpoint and resolve issues while they are occurring but also be able to head them off before they become a problem.

Online Training

Is your team remote due to the ongoing pandemic? Are they geographically separated? That’s not a problem.

Cylogy offers this training in either online format using Zoom (or your choice of conferencing software) or in-person if desired.

Between the continuing impact of COVID-19 and the reality of geographically dispersed teams it’s important to have the flexibility to offer Sitecore online training in a way that’s easily accessible for your entire team, wherever they are.

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