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Are you ready to stand out in the digital world? We supply the knowledge and resources to build and develop the best websites and applications to drive user engagement.

We’re here to help you establish a Sitecore development plan for your next project. Whether you’re looking for strategic design consulting, custom enhancements or third-party integrations, you’re in the right place.

Implementation Strategy

From start to finish, Cylogy manages the entire Sitecore Experience Platform implementation process – from technical consultation to project collaboration – based on your business requirements.

Every step within our workflow includes a planning period that considers your company and content author needs. Our goal is to build a flexible system for your content authors so they can focus solely on content. With a focus on simplicity and scalability, our goal is to use only as much custom development as the project requires. We leverage proven Sitecore Modules or existing component logic when available. Cylogy specializes in content migration plans, tools and custom scripts to make the move to your new site easy.

Design Execution

Web design is ever evolving, and to maintain relevancy with visitors, you must drive their continuous engagement. Our user experience team can help you make the move to a responsive website and convert new web designs to CSS for implementation, following a detailed road map to ensure a smooth transition of your brand’s vision to high-performing applications.

Our redesign implementation services seamlessly migrate existing architecture and content to your newly improved site while our new design integration is sourced by our background and expertise in Sitecore CMS development and implementation.

Website Enhancement

The next step in our professional Sitecore development process is to build any desired features or enhancements into your current site model. We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing features and suggest others that would add value to your website. Our developers offer various solutions to any pain points or problem areas within your site.

Sitecore’s flexible framework is designed to give developers freedom to custom code your desired enhancements. Cylogy’s Sitecore developers have an extensive background working with the built-in features, best practices from the Sitecore community and marketplace add-ons of the Sitecore CMS.

Third-Party Integrations

With our extensive knowledge of the digital market, we will suggest and integrate third-party tools and applications into your new or existing website. Sitecore is extremely flexible, meaning if there is an API, then we can connect your system with ours and customize the experience.

Our API data-integration capabilities offer a variety of options including: email marketing platforms, forms, payment gateways, webinars, live-video cams and a large-scale library of other integration tools.

Process and Best Practices Development

Beyond strategy, development and implementation, we will also assist in the creation of workflows and processes. We will match business and technical needs to Sitecore configuration options and optimize performance and caching configurations. We will then integrate with source control and employ best practices for content and code deployment in both simple and multi-environment deployments.

Finally, we will develop user management standards such as workflows and security access roles, tune system options and recommend and deploy Sitecore models we believe will be most useful to you and your team.

Personalization & Marketing Feature Implementation

Sitecore isn’t just a web content management system, it’s a highly sophisticated omnichannel content marketing platform and the Cylogy’s experienced Sitecore developers have the background and knowledge both technically and at the business and marketing level to help you get the most value from the platform.

Whether you’re looking to implement personalization, tracking and audience segmentation, marketing automation or deliver content across multiple channels we can help.

Headless Development

Headless development has become a major force in the DXP world and can be very beneficial for Sitecore in speeding up front-end development and enabling major performance and scalability gains.

Whether you’re building a site from scratch, implementing a redesign or even adding new features to an existing site, our team can help. For more information, check out our Headless & Jamstack Development page.

Additional Services

Discover how Cylogy can help transform your digital experiences into unforgettable engagements. From strategy to training, there are endless possibilities for us to help elevate your business to the next level.


We advise on projects across industries at each stage of the strategic lifecycle. We can meet you anywhere in your project journey with a unique plan that adapts and transforms with you, from selection to implementation and strategic advisory.

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Sitecore Training

Cylogy sets your team up for success by providing a dynamic set of resources to translate your tools, processes and requirements into comprehensible tutorials and workshops. At completion of the training your team will take away an extensive library of resources for quick reference and future on-boarding.

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We offer a range of consulting and management services in both AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures. Discover how we can optimize infrastructure costs, performance, security, and DevOps change management strategies.

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Site Health & Maintenance

Maintain, protect, and improve your website with our health and maintenance plan. Our support services keep your website secure, monitored, and optimized so you can have peace of mind knowing your site visitors have the best possible experience with every visit.

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The BAAQMD has been collaborating with Cylogy since 2008 on modernizing our web presence. Cylogy has provided outstanding expertise and guidance on our Sitecore architecture, website redesign and content migration services. Cylogy has also been a very effective and reliable partner with regard to support and maintenance services throughout our 11 year working relationship.
Anja Page, Air District Web Team & Online Services

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