Pricing Tool for Lead Generation

Empowering Pelion’s sales team, improving customer experience and providing Pelion with customer data insights.

Project Description

Customers nowadays expect transparency and detailed information before making purchasing decisions. Pelion, a cellular connectivity company, aimed to meet these expectations by providing an interactive tool with a comprehensive breakdown of Pelion’s pricing structure. Cylogy implemented the UI/UX and backend integrations.

The end result is potential customers can gain a clear understanding of the costs associated with Pelion’s products and services. This increased transparency has led to a significant percentage of new leads and conversions attributed to the tool.

Effective Mid-Funnel Lead Nurture

Providing customers with comprehensive pricing information upfront enables the sales team to nurture the highest quality leads.

A custom form collects lead profile information and their pricing requirements, and pushes the lead into Marketo to trigger follow up actions and additional orchestration. The streamlined process enables the sales team to build meaningful relationships with potential customers, with productive conversations focused on addressing their specific needs and concerns.

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Driving Engagement Through Interactivity

Pelion’s custom, branded graphics and a playful user experience create an inviting space to learn more about their products and services.


The summary displays everything included in the price, and each product or service expands to provide more detailed information.

Potential customers can toggle various pricing inputs to adjust their results. The estimate and pricing breakdown re-calculate in real time, allowing users to explore different options.


All variables, default selections and other configurations are easily editable in the website admin panel. The Pelion marketing team has full control over the tool’s parameters in an easy to use admin interface that supports iteration based on user analytics.

Analytics-Driven Decisions

By analyzing the usage patterns and behaviors of customers using the tool, Pelion can better understand their preferences and needs. For instance, the company can gauge the volume of SIM cards and data plans that customers are typically requesting, and use this data to align its offerings with customer demands more effectively.

Testing price reactions helps Pelion refine their pricing strategy and ensure competitiveness within the market. By observing whether customers proceed to contact the sales team or initiate a free trial after utilizing the calculator, Pelion can assess the acceptability of their price range.

Key Results

  • 60% of new, qualified leads are generated from the Pricing Calculator
  • 70% of conversions originate from the Pricing Calculator
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Technology Partners

Working with Cylogy has been a fantastic experience from the start. Not only did they deliver an exceptional initial result with the build of our new website but the ongoing support has been amazing. The team are extremely responsive and highly efficient helping us quickly respond to business requirements and swiftly implement improvements. They have also been able to provide expert advice across all areas of the website from SEO enhancements to information architecture. But the best thing about working with Cylogy is that it feels like they are just an extension of our in-house team.
Jesse Dukes, Senior Manager – Brand and Digital

About Pelion

Pelion provides secure global cellular connectivity and feature rich management for IoT devices. The company was originally founded as an incubation unit within Arm and became an independent company in 2020.

At Pelion our mission is simple. We want to connect a world where life and device thrive together. To achieve this we are making IoT as accessible, repeatable and scalable as possible through the creation of a simple and secure way to connect and manage any IoT device.

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