Composable DXP Strategy

A composable DXP platform provides unparalleled flexibility to assemble a solution from best-of-breed tools. A consequence of that flexibility is the need to define your requirements, then research, select and assemble the right tools for the job.

What is a Composable DXP?

A composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an innovative approach to building and managing digital experiences that prioritizes flexibility and agility. Unlike traditional monolithic DXPs, which offer pre-packaged solutions for various business needs, a composable DXP allows organizations to assemble their digital experiences from modular components known as Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs). These PBCs are independent, reusable units of functionality that can be quickly composed and recomposed to meet evolving business requirements. By leveraging PBCs, organizations can efficiently create tailored digital experiences that align precisely with their unique goals and user needs, fostering greater innovation and adaptability in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Work with Stakeholders Early and Often

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be considering a composable Digital Experience Platform solution if you didn’t want to better give your stakeholders what they need. The benefit of all that composable DXP flexibility is tailoring the stakeholder experience and allowing them to more effectively deliver their work.

That being said, you want to bring in ALL your stakeholders into the process early to gain knowledge, receive valuable input and build consensus and ultimately buy-in.

This isn’t something that stops with requirements building. Stakeholders will have a key role in each step of the composable DXP project.

Define what you need. Define what you DON’T need.

Unlike monolithic DXPs, which supply a grab-bag of features (half of which you’ll never use) a composable DXP lets you define your project scope and tailor your feature set to your specific needs. It’s as important to determine what you don’t need as what you do when designing your composable DXP approach.

  • Need integration with customer data?
  • Don’t need email marketing functionality?
  • Need to deliver through multiple digital channels?
  • Don’t need complex document management?

Our team can work with all your project stakeholders to build a comprehensive, tailored composable architecture plan which will drive the rest of the project steps.

What is the best-of-breed? Well, it depends…

The talking points around composable DXP makes picking best-of-breed tools sound simple. In truth, sometimes it is, but not always or even often.

In most cases, best-of-breed is a matter of perspective. What specific features are your stakeholders using? It may be that those features are best realized in a tool other than the “market leader” tools that might be the obvious choice. For your project and your stakeholders it’s the tool that best handles your specific needs that’s best of breed.

We can help your team sort through the often hundreds of options and pick the tools that work best for you and your composable dxp solution.

The Roadmap: How will this fit together and how much is going to cost?

Alright, you know the scope of the composable DXP and the tools you’re going to use, but that’s not the entire picture.

  • How are the tools going to work together?
  • What are the costs and licensing requirements?
  • Are there technical and support requirements that need to be addressed?

These are just a few of the questions that need answering when you build your composable DXP project roadmap.

Cylogy will help you build an effective roadmap for your composable DXP solution that will help guide implementation and reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises as you build out your composable tech stack.

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