Sabre Travel Network Support Portal

Building a scalable, modern support platform.

Project Description

A full rebuild of Sabre’s extensive international support platform on Sitecore using advanced analytics features.

Sabre’s existing support site was a custom-coded system built on older Microsoft ASP/VbScript. The site could not be edited by non-technical team members and the system was in great need of modernization.

Sabre had chosen Sitecore for their platform, but had not started building their new site. Cylogy worked with Sabre first to review all existing functionality and map that functionality to a solution for Sitecore that leveraged Sitecore’s features while ensuring functional requirements were met.

In parallel, Cylogy built the Sitecore structure to support the site and implemented Sitecore components for the core site and shared features, with an emphasis on usability and training for site editors.

Interesting Facts

  • The support portal serviced several thousand travel agencies daily, worldwide
  • We integrated approximately 50 unique data elements from Oracle, SQL Server, Web Services and Sitecore’s analytics to provide personalization and tracking for all visitors

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About Sabre Travel Network

Sabre Travel Network is a global business-to-business travel marketplace. This marketplace is used by travel suppliers including approximately 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel properties, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers, 40 car rental outlets and 17 cruise lines to promote, personalize and sell their products to travel management companies, corporate travel departments and approximately 425,000 travel agents around the world.

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