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Sitecore is a market-leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that is used to build immersive customer experiences. It is used by large global organizations and smaller businesses alike, delivering world-class websites, exceptional apps, leading e-commerce solutions and other outstanding digital experiences.

Whatever your project, our dedicated team of Sitecore Certified Developers can help. Cylogy has recognised expertise and a deep knowledge and understanding of the potential and the intricacies of the full Sitecore Experience platform with its rich features and capabilities.

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A long-standing Sitecore Partner

Sitecore is part of our culture and in our DNA. Cylogy has a long track-record as a Sitecore Partner. Based on the US West Coast, but serving both US and international markets, we’re proud to have been part of a trusted partner since Sitecore entered the US market. By delivering multiple successful Sitecore solutions over a number of years, we have built up vast experience of the product, with a level of detail that can help you maximize the potential of the platform.

Harnessing the Full Power of Sitecore

The Sitecore platform is not “just” a CMS. It’s a full-featured Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with strong, industry-leading capabilities across multiple aspects of the DXP concept including digital marketing, mobile app development, omni-channel content delivery, document management, personalization, email marketing, e-commerce features and more, as well as the core Sitecore CMS. As Sitecore continues to invest in the platform and acquire other companies, new capabilities such as digital asset management are being added through new services such as Sitecore Content Hub are being added.

The Sitecore Experience Platform can handle it all, and our team of certified Sitecore developers can help you get the most value from your Sitecore investment, keeping up to date with all the new features, and harnessing the power of the full-featured Sitecore CMS.

Help with headless

Sitecore is increasingly offering support for headless publishing. The platform is also moving to be available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), offering opportunities to use Sitecore as part of a more flexible, “composable DXP” of best-of-breed marketing solutions. Our Sitecore developers can help you both on your headless development as well as advise you on the best way to evolve your Sitecore instance to a composable model. We can also advise on leveraging the power of individual services within the Sitecore platform.

Sitecore strategic advisory

We recognize that Sitecore is a strategic, long-term investment. Whether you are interested in digital marketing, web development, or mobile app development, our additional range of Sitecore-related services can help you to get the very best out Sitecore and unlock the ROI of the experience platform. We offer Sitecore training for both your IT and digital marketing team, Sitecore technical consulting, as well as ad hoc advisory services, for example on Sitecore licensing. We also offer a range of complementary services such as web management.

Our Sitecore developers can also help to optimize your Sitecore experience, recommending everything from a containerization strategy to analytics to optimizing your digital marketing set-up.

A Sitecore agency built on relationships

We’re much more than a development agency. Our strategic thinking, focus and friendly service ensure a boutique experience. We thrive on long-term, flexible relationships. Whether you’re looking for a Sitecore development agency, or a more comprehensive set of support services for the Sitecore Experience Platform, we collaborate with you to be your strategic Sitecore partner.

Need help with Sitecore?

Whether you’re looking for some bespoke Sitecore development, some technical advice, have a Sitecore CMS project that needs rescuing, want to explore other areas of your Sitecore investment, or you’re complete new to the platform, we are your Sitecore experts. Get in touch!

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