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Design Thinking – Applying the Rose/Thorn/Bud Technique to a DX Platform

Design Thinking (DT) allows us to brainstorm in creative ways about pretty much anything. You can use DT techniques in your work, your daily life, to solve problems, and to evaluate existing solutions. 

When working with a Digital Experience Platform for some time, it is common to start to face some stalling in terms of results that can be obtained from the platform or progress towards some of its most advanced features that are always delayed to a never coming phase II project.

Rose/Thorn/Bud is a DT technique to help us think about what we currently have and the things we could potentially be doing too. Associated with other techniques, which we will be covering in future posts, it can help us to craft a roadmap and a tangible plan to stop being stalled and get more things done.

The first step is to gather a group of the current DXP users. Some things to consider here are:

  1. The group must be as diverse as possible
  2. Invite folks from the technical side and the business side
  3. On the business side, make sure to get your digital marketing folks involved as well any other business units interacting with the platform
  4. If possible, invite someone who is actually a final user of the published website as well. They can contribute with valuable information not seem internally

The second step is to ask them to write their thoughts about the DXP in colored stickers. Tell them to use pink (roses) for good things about the DXP, blue (thorns) for any negative points about the platform and green (buds) for anything they believe could be done but is not being done yet with the current DXP solution.

Give them enough time to work on these stickers. But remember to ask them to work individually. After that they should put their stickers on a white-board, where you will be able to group the similar ones together.

Now invite them to explain the points they have raised. Start with the positive notes, follow with the negative ones and end the discussion with the potential new ideas.

This initial exercise will bring many different points of view together and will allow for further discussion around what you may be missing using your Digital Experience Platform. Other DT exercises after this initial one will follow and they will help you to shape a creative roadmap to improve the use of your DXP. If you want Cylogy to help you work on this initial and subsequent DT exercises in a workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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