Qlik Change Management Strategy & Implementation

Multi-stage deployment automation using Bitbucket,
TeamCity, and Octopus Deploy on Azure.

Project Description

Transforming a tedious, manual process to organized, automated deployments.

Our long-term partner, Active Ingredients enlisted us to help Qlik optimize their deployment process so their IT department could spend more time developing and less time deploying. The manual process included up to 15 systems, was prone to human error, and could take up to a whole business day to manage. Our automated release process resulted in approximately 3 minute builds and under 10 minutes deployments per-environment. Most importantly, we reduced human intervention steps to a click of a button.

Strategy and Implementation

We started by defining a DevOps strategy to set up a foundation for success. We implemented and enforced a standard source control branching process, and developed a release and hotfix strategy with the teams. All procedures were documented for both developers and build administrators.

The deployment process and tools were tailored to Qlik’s release strategy. This included triggering builds based on defined merge/commit operations, and using custom config transformation to adjust environment-specific settings per node.

Interesting Facts

  • Deployments cover 15 nodes and 4 environments
  • Source control strategy everyone can easily understand
  • 15 minute releases, down from hours

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Technology Partners

About Qlik

Qlik helps enterprises around the world move faster, work smarter, and lead the way forward with an end-to-end solution for getting value out of data. Their platform is the only one on the market that allows for open-ended, curiosity-driven exploration, giving everyone – at any skill level – the ability to make real discoveries that lead to real outcomes and transformative changes.

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