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Your digital marketing and digital experience infrastructure offers many integrations points between products and data. These integrations are often a key strategic strength.

However, your Sitecore deployment doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s common to leverage multiple applications and we haven’t seen a project yet that doesn’t require third party integration. It’s our goal to bring together your applications in a seamless manner. Your various tools should be woven together so they feel like one.

What We Do

Integrations with Sitecore can range from simply passing a new email newsletter recipient to an external database, to creating the newsletters within Sitecore and sending through the third party application, to integrating a CDN directly into Sitecore Media Library so when you load a new video on the site it automatically delivers it to your 3rd-party CDN and uses the correct CDN URL. Whether it’s a standard or complex integration, our experienced developers are up to the challenge.

Here is a short list of the various thirty party applications we have integrated with Sitecore:

  • A variety of user/user profile management systems
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Google Custom Search
  • Rackspace CDN
  • Granicus Government Content Network
  • Exact Target
  • Instant Forum
  • Facebook Connect
  • Coveo Enterprise Search
  • Extensions to Telerik RadGrid and Scheduler
  • Third Party Scheduling

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