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You’re starting a new project and you know you need a Web CMS, Digital Marketing, Digital Experience or Marketing Automation platform to build on — the problem is that there are hundreds of systems out there competing for your attention.

Most vendors make similar sounding promises. It’s a challenge to come out feeling confident with your decision. So leverage our processes and 15+ years of experience to guide your next technology investment.

What We Do

That’s where Cylogy can help.

Not by picking a single option for you but by working with your team to indentify your functional, business, and technical requirements. We take that information, analyize it and build a short list of product options that will work well for your needs. Once we’ve created your short list we’ll evaluate the features of various platforms and run usage scenarios that compare the different approaches so you can make an informed decision.

Understanding your needs and defining the first level goals for your project paves the way to success. We have wide experience with many CMS/WCM/DMS systems, and we’ve learned that there isn’t one solution for all companies. We can help you narrow the field and make the right choices, We can also assist with choosing third party applications based on our experience with features, performance, and integration insight.

Not sure how to harness the powers of your existing marketing technologies infrastructure? We can guide you there too.

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