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Set your teams up for success. Functional training leads to broader adoption, increased productivity, higher work quality and improved employee satisfaction.

What We Do

Cylogy creates targeted training programs based on skill level, department and primary Sitecore operations. Using a variety of resources we translate your tools, processes and requirements into easy to understand tutorials and workshops.

At completion of training your team will have take away materials for quick reference and future on-boarding.

When is training beneficial?
  • New Sitecore implementation
    • Users of varying skill ranges will require basic set up assistance to gain familiarity with signing in to Sitecore. navigating menus and items, and saving/publishing their work.
    • If not already completed, this is a great time to design a toolbar for your team that includes the most used commands. Cylogy can customize the workspace and integrate it into training material.
  • Sitecore upgrades
    • Upgrades often deliver good news to teams; improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Providing editors with a tutorial overview of upgrade changes prepares them to adapt quickly.
  • New processes
    • Avoid interuptions in productivity by outlining new or updated workflow steps.
    • Our materials are visual and targeted to existing users.
  • New employees
    • Create a consistent training practice with a structured outline for new employees.
    • Cylogy creates tip sheets for common new user FAQ’s, as well as checklists for an internal employee trainer

Our training program is as customizable as Sitecore. Packages include course planning, training materials, client review, on-site or remote sessions and post training support.

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