Coveo Intelligent Search

Coveo is a commercial enterprise search product offering many advanced features. Coveo is a strategic Sitecore partner and have built deep Sitecore integration and a number of custom modules that are “drag and drop” in the Sitecore environment.


Cylogy is a certified Coveo partner.

Coveo Out-of-the-box Features

  • Proactively offer advanced query suggestions and intelligent recommendations to your website visitors, and automatically tune relevance to recommend the best content, every time.
  • Coveo Reveal, a self-learning (AI) search service, understands visitor intent, continuously learning and improving its ranking algorithm based on successful search queries and user behavior.
  • Make PDF documents and other scanned materials instantly findable with integrated, multi-lingual character recognition.
  • Visual faceting lets users navigate and filter results using slider bars, calendars, charts, and more, while “search within facet” capabilities let users refine their search based upon any metadata property.
  • The powerful JavaScript UI Editor combined with Sitecore Connector embeds Coveo search into the Sitecore CMS interface.
  • Fully responsive UI components and out-of-the-box UI templates for iOS and Android provides users with intuitive search experience across devices.

How we leverage Coveo and Sitecore:

Sitecore clients are able to fully model their own content types, content structure and metadata taxonomies.

Sitecore’s native indexing system automatically catalogs and makes searchable this metadata. Any field in the content type may also serve to become a specific search facet.

Combined with Coveo search driven pages, we can create dynamic content views and/or much richer search experiences as compared to the native Sitecore search.

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