Sitecore Containerization

Whether you’re working on a new Sitecore implementation or have an existing one that you’re looking to optimize, choosing a container-based architecture has many benefits. If you think containerization might be the right option for your team, or if you’re looking to determine whether it may be right for you, our team of experts can help!

Does Containerization Make Sense for My Organization?

The Business Case

At times it can be difficult to map a technical choice, like deciding to use containers, to specific business metrics. That’s not a difficult issue when talking about the use of containers with Sitecore.

A Container-based Approach is Almost Always Cheaper to Operate than Traditional Infrastructure

Deploying a container is less expensive than maintaining multiple virtual machines. You remove the cost of managing full systems. Deployment processes become simpler to manage and require fewer expensive resources in the cloud.

Your Options are Greater & Business Flexibility is Increased

Docker and Kubernetes are standardized frameworks. Your containerized project will run essentially as-is with most cloud providers. Moving between AWS, Azure, Rackspace or any number of cloud providers is a snap.

Faster Time to Market & Faster Issue Resolution

Containerization speeds up the deployment of changes greatly and at the same time simplifies and makes modular your system infrastructure. This means that your team will be able to roll out changes at a faster pace and with less risk than a traditional infrastructure.

What about the technology?

We’ve talked about the business case, but what does this mean on the backend and for my technical team?

Abstraction, the key element to containers, is your friend

A traditional infrastructure involves multiple virtual machines and systems all of which need to be managed and have myriad points of failure. There’s lots of complexity in each environment and all of that adds risk and the possibility of failure. Containerization abstracts away the system entirely. There is no operating system to manage. There are no system configuration VM issues to deal with once you’re containerized.

Local Environments & Deployments Become Simpler

Your containers can be deployed on a developer’s laptop just as easily as in any other environment. No longer do you have to spend hours or days setting up a local developer environment. The developer loads the container on their local system and it’s an exact copy of what goes live on your site and deployment processes to get changes live benefit from this simplicity as well and your deployment processes become more robust, faster and safer.

Monitoring Your Project is Greatly Simplified

Using containers means being able to leverage the built-in and very sophisticated monitoring options that the system provides, which leads to reduced application complexity and much greater insights into application health than you get with a traditional approach.

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