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WordPress is a free open-source DXP operating at a vast scale. WordPress powers 40% of the sites on the internet and has a massive ecosystem of over 5,000 plugins. By far the largest & most vital DXP/CMS in operation.

What is WordPress?

Viewed in isolation, WordPress might be seen simply as one of a number of free, open-source PHP-based CMS platforms. This, however, tells almost none of the story.

By virtue of ease of deployment, ease of use and, primarily, ease of extensibility the popularity of WordPress has risen beyond that of any other platform and with that popularity the explosion of thousands of sophisticated and powerful plugins vault WordPress into a premier DXP for organizations of virtually any size or complexity.

Why WordPress is a Preferred Enterprise Solution

dxpAs WordPress has grown as a platform the requirements and benefits associated with true enterprise-grade projects have come to the fore, leading to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Sophisticated tools and hosting options provide WordPress the reliability and scalability needed for an enterprise-grade platform
  • The power of WordPress blocks and components to build a fully-featured enterprise site meets or exceeds that of more traditional enterprise platforms, especially when it comes to development velocity
  • The massive community and ecosystem around WordPress is exponentially greater than other traditional enterprise DXP platforms

Sophisticated Change Management

The foundation of any enterprise-class project, WordPress included, is a well-organized and reliable change management strategy that will support team development, multiple branch development and a multi-step approval and deployment process.

It is critical that source control processes, including branching and release steps be properly designed to be flexible, simple to use on a day-by-day basis and be organized to support your business needs when it comes to DevOps and deployment processes.

Scalable Multi-environment Hosting & DevOps

A key area that differentiates an enterprise-grade WordPress project is a fully-realized multi-environment DevOps process that structures the deployment process into distinct stages, from development, QA, acceptance testing and finally, production deployment, in sync and controlled by the change management structure discussed above.

This process allows fine-grained control of WordPress change deployment, utilizing hosting solutions designed for enterprise usage, that are reliable and work within your business practices. All of this insures that only the changes you want going live will do so, and only after a process of testing and approval to verify the changes are working as expected.

Strong Support for Core Web Vitals & Front-end Performance

This is one area where WordPress as an enterprise-grade project really shines. The popularity of WordPress is driven by the comprehensive nature of its plugins and the agility with which those plugins can be deployed and updated, especially when it comes to front-end enhancements for performance and elements like Google’s Core Web Vitals.

With a more traditional enterprise-grade DXP you might need custom development to enable cutting-edge features for SEO optimization, Core Web Vitals and other optimizations. Not so with WordPress, where the massive community of plugin contributors will have implemented the features you’re looking for, usually before you start contemplating them.

This level of community support is the key benefit of WordPress as an enterprise-grade system and it’s something that no other system can match.

Headless WordPress

Want to use WordPress as your backend DXP but use a different frontend stack instead of native WordPress? A headless development approach may be right for you.

Headless WordPress lets your marketing and editing staff the work directly in WordPress, a platform they may already be familiar with, while the presentation of your site can be delivered though essentially any frontend stack desired, allowing your development team to build the site on the technology of their choice.

This flexibility, combined with performance, security and other benefits make headless WordPress a great option.

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