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Cylogy is here to help you deepen your customer relationships through customer engagement, personalization, and analytics. The key to implementing evolving customer engagement programs is planning. To make sure you’re investing in strategies that make sense for your bottom line you need the right tools and proven methodologies to track, measure, and report on the success of your outreach activities. We’ll work with your marketing team to establish quick win short term goals and long term strategies, and implement the right tools to leverage customer data.

What We Do

To continually meet your customer’s expectations you’ll need a Digital Marketing strategy, and a platform that supports the ever changing marketing landscape.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A Digital Marketing Strategy isn’t that different from a standard marketing strategy in the sense that you’ll be asking the same questions. Who is your target audience? What are their buying stages? Breaking down the target groups and identifying how their needs differ will help determine specific goals. Which areas on your site are most relevant to each group? By answering these core questions you can build a roadmap that targets specific visitor types and establishes key checkpoints for successful engagement.

Choosing a Platform

We offer product selection services; and we specialize in implementing your Digital Marketing strategies. Sitecore’s laser focus on Digital Marketing has led to an integrated customer experience and engagement analytics suite. Some of Sitecore’s top rated features include multivariate A/B testing, targeted content based on visitor behavior, advanced analytics and reporting with insights into web traffic conversion and end user behavior. These features are all integrated with CMS out of the box. New strategies can be implemented in phases or combined with third party applications that you may already be using.

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