What is Sitecore

Sitecore is a robust content management platform with integrated digital marketing functionality.

The Sitecore XP platform separates content from presentation, enabling you to efficiently repurpose content across multiple channels, devices and experiences. This means you can skin, re-skin, and change the look of your site and share content throughout the organization, without any impact on the content.

Why Sitecore is our go-to solution:

We like Sitecore because it aligns with our architectural standards for building scalable, modular websites and separating presentation from content, so that user interface evolution does not interfere with content or content operations.

Sitecore is a native .NET platform that fully integrates all content management and digital marketing operations. It is also a modular and “pluggable” system, allowing us to use only the features that fit a client’s needs, integrate external systems without restrictions and customize nearly any of the system’s behavior or functionality.

We feel that the product’s core design and future roadmap lend the flexibility and reliability that enterprise and government organizations need in order to feel comfortable about long term platform investment decisions. And that the company itself has demonstrated historic stability and a willingness to continually invest in the platform.

Our favorite features:

  • The Sitecore Web CMS platform helps you manage your content and experience for each and every visit your customers enjoy. Customize the content you want and the system will take care of how it’s displayed via its native personalization capabilities.
  • With multisite support and easily accessible content APIs you can easily share content across your sites and applications, delivering a consistent information experience at every touch point.
  • Assemble forms without programming. Every form element is completely customizable for an optimal user experience, and usability reports show how well they’re performing.
  • Built-in Experience Analytics give you instant insights. Learn what your customers are doing, where they’ve been, and what they’ve searched for so that you can recognize patterns early and adjust your content dynamically.
  • Use rule-based targeting to leverage business logic to personalize content based on any attributes you have collected about your customers.

Stand out features for government organizations:

Easily deploy, manage, integrate, and secure your websites with enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations. Site control, data integration, granular security capabilities, and flexible deployment models all serve governments and municipal agencies.


Sitecore Implementation PartnerCylogy has been a Sitecore certified implementation partner for over eight years. We bring deep platform experience, and a history of successful  implementations.

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