Cloud Migration and Optimization

Optimizing site performance, deployment processes and hosting costs

Project Description

Brooklyn Law School wanted to modernize their website’s hosting infrastructure and have dedicated emergency response support. Cylogy migrated their site to AWS hosting and configured security and performance monitoring.

Brooklyn Law School’s website hosting lacked load balancing, making it vulnerable to performance degradation, especially during peak enrollment periods.

They were using a legacy server that was underdelivering and overpriced.

During the 4 week migration timeline we performed the following services:

  • Configured two content delivery production servers for load balancing
  • Created CI/CD pipeline with TeamCity & Octopus Deploy
  • Introduced a new test environment for staging pre-release features

Upon completion of migrating the code and databases to the new infrastructure Brooklyn Law School could deploy new features without experiencing site downtime.

Cylogy also aggregated all site monitoring data into OpsGenie for centralized, 24/7 monitoring with an on-call schedule and an emergency response SLA.


Key Results

  • Reduced hosting costs by 30%
  • Added 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • No more downtime during deployments

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About Brooklyn Law School

The fundamental mission of Brooklyn Law School is to provide its students with a comprehensive legal education that gives them the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed for a career in the law. The Law School is further dedicated to contributing to the advancement of our understanding of law, legal institutions, and society at large. In order to achieve its mission, the Law School has created, and continues to strengthen and expand, a community that includes outstanding legal scholars and teachers; talented, dedicated, and diverse students from across the country and around the world; and a robust global network of more than 24,000 alumni.

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