Our Consulting Services

We offer a range of complete solutions and individual “tactical” consulting services. Our process typically starts by defining functional requirements, leads to a solution recommendation, carries through with a complete implementation and then transitions to maintenance and potentially future phases.

Your team sets the goals — it’s our job to make them happen.

  • Sitecore Consulting

    Sitecore Consulting

    From new implementation to add-on enhancements, you can count on Cylogy from beginning to end. Our capabilities are comprehensive to give you the flexibility you expect from Sitecore’s .NET framework. We tailor Sitecore modules to your needs, and also code custom solutions to give you competitive edge. We can assist with content migration from an existing site as well. Our experienced developers offer solutions that increase content author’s efficiency, improve user experience, and streamline data management.

  • Marketo Consulting

    Marketo Consulting

    Deepen your customer relationships through customer engagement, marketing automation, personalization and analytics. The key to implementing evolving customer engagement programs is planning. To make sure you’re investing in strategies that make sense for your bottom line you need the right tools and proven methodologies to track, measure and report on the success of your outreach activities.

  • Product Selection

    Product Selection

    Get the highest return on your platform investment with our Needs Analysis service. We assist with identifying functionality requirements that are specific to your business. Once we’ve created your short list we’ll evaluate the features of various platforms and run usage scenarios that compare the different approaches so you can make an informed decision.

  • MarTech Integration

    MarTech Integration

    Sitecore offers everything under one roof, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have other services to integrate. It’s common to leverage multiple applications and we haven’t seen a project yet that doesn’t require third party integration. It’s our goal to bring together your applications in a seamless manner. Your various tools should be woven together so they feel like one.

  • Sitecore Maintenance

    Sitecore Maintenance

    We work with you to understand your priorities, overcome your challenges, implement functionality and create the tools and business processes that support ongoing agile iteration towards your goals.

  • Systems Maintenance

    Systems Maintenance

    Cylogy offers ongoing support services to keep your website up to date and optimized. Build your own plan that is customized to your needs. Our continuity and reliability services range from system performance monitoring, recovery procedure implementation and site optimization, to upgrades and website content updates.

  • Sitecore Training

    Sitecore Training

    Functional training sets your team up for success and leads to increased productivity, higher quality of work, and improved employee satisfaction. Cylogy creates targeted training programs based on skill level, department, and primary operations within Sitecore. Using a variety of resources we translate your processes and requirements into easy to comprehend tutorials and workshops. At the end of training your team will have take away materials for quick reference and future on boarding.

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